A-Gas Europe

A-Gas Europe

A-Gas Europe offers Environmental Services EU-wide; providing refrigerant recovery, separation and refrigerant recycling of cross contaminated or waste refrigerants with an almost zero incineration option. Our proprietary technology procures a stream of reclaimed refrigerant from mixtures previously considered unusable.

We offer a fully UK EA approved, F-Gas compliant service that is unique amongst our peers within the EU. 

A-Gas Environmental Services – your reliable partner for complete refrigerant and halon lifecycle stewardship.

Products & Services

A-Gas ES Europe offer the complete “cradle to grave” service for refrigerant and fire suppressants. We provide virgin products, assist with recovery of used and waste refrigerants, separate and reclaim single and multi-component mixtures to AHRI standards. We offer a service not available from any other European refrigerants company. These products can be supplied to, and recovered from, a wide range of industries in the refrigeration, air conditioning, MAC and fire suppression industries.

  • Refrigerant

    We’re a leading supplier of refrigerant to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration industries, offering an extensive range of products and supplementary services. We’re the solutions provider that offers unrivalled technical support and advice.

  • Blowing Agents & Insulation
    Blowing Agents & Insulation

    Our Performance Chemicals Division offers a range of blowing agents and Polyurethane foam used for insulation. 

  • Fire Protection & Halon
    Fire Protection & Halon

    Our range of halon, fire protection and clean agent gases can be found in fire extinguisher uses across various industries.

    In addition we also offer halon and fire protection recycling.


    As part of our commitment to supporting complete lifecycle management, we recover and recycle the maximum amount of refrigerant when equipment reaches the end of its life. A-Gas Europe is an expert gas company specialising in waste management.


    A-Gas Europe aim to prevent disposal and destruction of products, including Halon gas that still have a useful life beyond their current use. We offer Halon recovery, Halon recycling, separation and reclaim of Halon in addition to banking of Halon for customers.

  • Product Analysis, Testing & Laboratory Services
    Product Analysis, Testing & Laboratory Services

    Our AHRI compliment laboratories around the world ensure the ongoing supply of superior refrigerant products. In addition we offer refrigerant analysis, glycol testing and oil testing. 

News & Insights

Keep up to date with the latest news, publications and press releases within the A-Gas Group.

  • Regulatory Updates
    19 March 2018

    Is it time to rethink your R404A and R507A usage?

    From 2018, F-Gas regulations will mean a significant phase down in the available quantities of HFC’s in the EU. Industry bodies, such as the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE), are offering companies and individuals support on the phase down.

  • News
    12 March 2018

    New F-Gas Penalties: Are You Prepared?

    Companies and individuals across the UK could be at risk of fines up to £200,000 if they breach new F-Gas regulations.

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