About Us

BTC B.V. was founded in 2002 by Ruud Beenakkers and Rick Tempels.  BTC has established itself as a specialist provider of disposal services for gas companies, other waste aggregators, fire suppressant companies and local authorities situated in Europe Mainland.

BTC provides products and services such as:

  • Disposal of chemical waste speciality gases and refrigerants
  • Specialised in safe and environmentally responsible waste treatment of gases and liquefied gases
  • Regeneration/recycling and resale of refrigerant gases
  • Development and production of exotic gases, such as Methylmercaptan
  • Repackaging of exotic gases in small one-way or returnable small cylinders
  • Other gas related services include; halon banking and filling of helium containers for party balloons

BTC History

2017 - Acquired by A-Gas
2016 – Site expansion (double production site), increased storage capabilities, two new waste gas units operational, expanded filling capabilities, set up additional expansion environmental permit, halon bank the Netherlands relocated to BTC, expansion into SF6 and extinguishing gases business.
2015 – Finalised environmental permit expansion, two new mobile waste gas treatment units. 
2014 – Completed new warehouse and office building, started expansion permit, development of natural H2S commenced, first new type safety emergency container in use.
2013 – A fire, caused by a short circuit in electrical network destroys the office building and warehouse.
2012 – Start production of CH4S gases in small packages and new medical gas-and equipment line.
2011 – New factory in Eygelshoven operational, scrubber, regeneration units, finalised development production of CH4S, set-up analytics.
2010 – Property bought for new factory.
2009 – Started production of CO 5.0 200 bar, set up first medical equipment line.
2008 – Opening of hazardous waste depot in Enschede.
2004 – Conversion of BT Chemicals into BTC B.V.
2003 – Finalised Funballoon™ and depositing patent, started production in Belgium.
2002 – Founding BT Chemicals V.O.F.


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