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  • Alec Stilling, Head of Sales – UK Wholesale, A-Gas
    Company Announcements
    12 March 2019

    Alec Stilling Joins A-Gas as Head of Sales for UK Wholesale

    Alec Stilling has been appointed as A-Gas’ Head of Sales – UK Wholesale to maintain and grow relationships with major wholesalers

  • A-Gas Commercial Strategy Director, Dr Patrick Amrhein
    07 March 2019

    Reclaimed Gases: The Way Forward

    A-Gas Commercial Strategy Director, Dr Patrick Amrhein, on how the refrigeration industry should react to the new challenges laid down by the F-Gas Regulations.

  • Edwin Ernste (left), Head of A-Gas Rapid Recovery Sales and Operations in Benelux, and John McEvoy, Head of Sales and Operations for Rapid Recovery in the UK
    Company Announcements
    04 March 2019

    A-Gas to Extend Rapid Recovery in Benelux

    Following the success of the A-Gas Rapid Recovery service in the UK, A-Gas are due to launch their on-site recovery service in the Benelux countries in March this year.

  • Under the quota mechanism, refrigerant recovery and reclamation has a key role to play to ensure that there is enough refrigerant available for end-users to keep existing high GWP equipment running.
    Case Study
    07 February 2019

    A-Gas Rapid Recovery's Key Role in Food Processing Retrofit

    A-Gas Rapid Recovery head of sales and operations John McEvoy explains how a refrigerant recovery job at a food processing plant was made easy for the contractor and less labour-intensive.

    Time is of the essence for refrigeration contractors and tools that make the job easier and speed up the maintenance process are much in demand. The A-Gas Rapid Recovery, F-Gas compliant on-site recovery service, is a good example of how having the right equipment can make a real difference at the sharp end.

  • In 2020 there’ll be a ban on the placing on the market of stationary refrigeration equipment using high GWP refrigerants
    06 February 2019

    Goodbye Virgin R404A

    A-Gas Managing Director John Ormerod on progress being made by the industry to meet the new challenges laid down by the F-Gas Regulations.

    Change can be unrelenting in the refrigeration industry. The F-Gas Regulations move into a new gear in 2020 and installers and end users will need to understand fully what’s happening and how it will affect their business over the coming years.

  • Patrick Amrhein joins A-Gas as Commercial Strategy Director for Europe.
    Company Announcements
    16 January 2019

    Patrick Amrhein Joins A-Gas as Commercial Strategy Director

    Patrick Amrhein has been appointed as A-Gas Commercial Strategy Director for Europe.