Re-Purify Recovered HFC-227

HFC-227 (FM200) Purification

HFC-227 is one of the most widely used Halon replacements. With hundreds and thousands of systems installed worldwide, A-Gas provides an industry-leading service to re-purify recovered HFC-227 for future use.

Reprocessing of Fire Suppressant

Product Recycling

Our custom built recycling and reclamation facilities enable the return and reprocessing of fire suppressant and Halon related products, including FE-13.

Decommissioned Halon

Product Buyback

A-Gas will purchase decommissioned Halon (1211, 1301, 2402) worldwide, along with HFC related fire suppressant products. This service is offered in accordance with the Montreal Protocol to reclaim for “critical users.”

Reliable Destruction Option for All Halon

Product Disposal

For those requiring a destruction service, A-Gas can offer an environmentally friendly, safe and reliable destruction option for all Halon, CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs, including FE-13.

Halon Disposal

System Bottle Services

A-Gas provides system filling services, along with the disposal of decommissioned system bottles that have reached the end of their service life. 

Complete Lifecycle Management of Halon

Banking Arrangements

A-Gas' complete lifecycle management of halon offers essential users the ability to bank recovered and recertified bulk products for future needs. Banking halon now to cover future requirements offers users a bespoke service to meet future needs and ensures business continuity.

Job Site Refrigerant Recovery Service

Take advantage of our onsite A-Gas Rapid Recovery service and discover the advantages of working with a company that is concerned with your time and your bottom line. 

A‑Gas Rapid Recovery provides you and your customers with fast, efficient, safe and environmentally responsible refrigerant recovery services.

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  • Job Site Refrigerant Recovery Service