Reclamation of Refrigerant, Halon, Fire Suppressants & other Speciality Gases and Chemicals

BTCnow part of the A‑Gas Group provides chemical waste disposal services for industrial and special gases including refrigerants, fire suppressants and down-packing and selling of speciality gases for use in scientific applications.

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If you find it difficult to dispose of gases or gas cylinders with unknown contents, then let us process them for you. BTC has its own facility in Netherlands with specialist equipment and the appetite for dealing with these unusual hazardous waste gases. A brief overview of our services is outlined below, or for further details please visit the BTC website.

  • Waste Gas Disposal Service

    BTC specialise in handling waste cylinders so you don't have to. Services range from emergency interventions when cylinders are found and cannot be traced to cylinders with unidentified contents.   

    BTC have years of experience and the capability to deal with unwanted cylinders in a correct, safe and legal manner. Working in full compliance with all applicable regulations related to handling and transporting hazardous waste.

  • Reclaim Storage and Repacking 

    BTC offer a wide range of services for the reclamation of both refrigerants and halon including storage and reclamation, in addition to refrigerant repacking. 

  • SF6 (Sulphur Hexafluoride)

    BTC supplies fresh and virgin SF6 (Sulphur Hexafluoride) in various packages in addition to accepting old, outdated and polluted SF6 for treatment. Their full service includes; emptying and purging the installation, acceptance of waste, packaging, documentation and treatment of the old SF6. For those licensed to work on installations using SF6, BTC supply high pressure cylinders for use in product recovery, together with the necessary paperwork and logistics.  


  • Speciality Gases

    Some of the speciality gases supplied by BTC are UHP CO 200 bar and Methylmercaptan. Our speciality gases come in small packages 200 ml upto 1.000 ml.

  • Speciality Gases Equipment

    BTC offers production, assembly and testing of customer specific equipment; including CE approved equipment. 

  • Analytical Services

    BTC testing and analytical services offers testing for all refrigerant gases, extinguishing gases, inert gases, flammable gases and toxic gases; testing cylinders are provided. Testing standards and methods include AHRI700, DIN8960 and NIST. 


    BTC provide a full range of speciality gases, please visit the their website to view the full range of products available.

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