Best Practice Guidance

Our Best Practice Guidance documents have been taken from a range of sources, including the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA). Please also visit the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) for a wide range of refrigerant guidance.

British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) Guidance Notes

Guidance Notes from the BCGA provide best practice guidance for safe cylinder management and handing, including key practices such as the storage of gas cylinders in the workplace, how to avoid internal corrosion of gas cylinders and a catalogue of recognised gas container marks.

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Cylinder Handling

THE BCGA offers free code of practice resources to support safety standards and best practice when working with compressed gas.   

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Safety Advice

Technical Information Sheets (TIS) are available for download from the BCGA to support users. More resources can be found by clicking on the below link.   

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Technical Info

Insulation Manufacturers Association (IMA)

The IMA offers best practice guidance for design and installation of partial fill cavity wall boards. For more information, visit the IMA website.