Regulatory Zone

A-Gas is committed to being at the forefront of our constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Regulatory Zone Downloads

Our Regulatory Zone documents have been taken from a range of sources, including Refcom and the European Environment Agency. To download a publication, please click the links below.

  • EEA: Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases 2015

    The European Environment Agency has published its new summary report of data by companies on the production, import and export of F-Gases in the EU. The report shows that the EU is on track with the phasedown goals as in 2015 companies respected the prescribed limits of the quota system. 

  • A-Gas: Your Guide to Low GWP Alternatives

    F-Gas regulation places restrictions on the use of some HFC refrigerants with high GWP. The aim of the process is to reduce the contribution of refrigerant gases to global warming. Refrigerants with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) greater than 2500 will be most affected within a short period (by 2020). This guide gives you a snapshot of the regulation and your alternative refrigerant options. 

  • Refcom Guide: Delivery of F-Gases a Practical Guide for Distributors

    F-Gases are used as refrigerants in several types of products and appliances, such as refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment. 

  • Refrigerant Gas Recycling

    This document outlines the importance of effective recycling of as much recovered gas as possible in order to alleviate the pressures being experienced in the field with shortages of virgin and reclaimed gas.

  • IOR: The Role of EN378 - Summary of Changes

    This Guidance Note explains the role of the BS EN378 “Refrigerating Systems and Heat Pumps ‐ Safety and Environmental Requirements” safety standard and highlights the most significant changes introduced since the last version was published in 2008.

  • A-Gas: F-Gas Regulations Update

    The amendments to the F‑Gas regulations came into force on 1 January 2015 with the aim of encouraging users to use lower GWP refrigerants.

A‑Gas is committed to being at the forefront of our constantly evolving regulatory environment, supporting you every step of the way.